Welcome to St. Andrews, our Favorite Place to Be 

Lonesome Sky - Rockabilly Blues - Unreleased Original song

Here is Lonesome Sky's latest song and video.   We hope you enjoy it and we hope you will get to experience St. Andrews for yourself soon. 

     Lonesome Sky has been performing on Water Street in St. Andrews by the Sea, NB for the past three summers.   If you ever have the chance you really should go there. You won't find any fast-food places, parking meters, dirt, rudeness, or worry there.  

     Seriously... we really love it.  


It Makes me Wonder 

Lonesome Sky - Rockabilly Blues - Backporch Blues album 

Published on Oct. 28, 2016  - A Video Tribute to our Troops and Veterans. 

     This is a second tribute to our Military and Veterans.  We've been told by Veterans that this song describes exactly how they feel, so we thought we would produce a video for it.  

This video is for viewing only and is not available for sale or commercial release. 


You Know I Miss You

Lonesome Sky - Rockabilly Blues - Backporch Blues album 


     This is a fun little photo video of a cross Canada road trip. The song is an original country blues song with some Cajun spice. Toe tappin' groove for zydeco lovers. Performed by Lonesome Sky, from their album "Backporch Blues".


Just Thinking About You

A Tribute to our Veterans and Troops - Backporch Blues album 

Please Note:  This song has been donated to Veterans Emergency Transition Services (V.E.T.S.) Canada and the band does not play it live.  Lonesome Sky makes no income from this video.  The video is shocking and is designed to help civilians understand why so many of our veterans have PTSD and just how they can end up homeless or suicidal when they come home from war.

Published on Apr 28, 2012  - A Video Tribute to our Troops and Veterans.

     Maritime band "Lonesome Sky" has just produced a video for their new song "Just Thinking About You". This video is a tribute to our returning troops and veterans and it is hoped this video will bring public awareness to their plight.  Some images in this video are graphic war images and are very disturbing. Hopefully after viewing this video the public in general will have some insight to what a day is like for a soldier in a war zone. Now imagine if you can, trying to adjust to a normal life back home with your family. 

     Today veterans are being neglected by our government and thousands of them are not receiving the help and support they need. This means in too many cases disparity, post-traumatic stress, physical and psychological disabilities as well as homelessness, are some the real problems our vets face, each and every day.  There is one organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who is on the ground giving support selflessly with very little or no funding at all. They are meeting this problem head on and they are making a difference. The organization is; Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (V.E.T.S. Canada). 

     After almost one year of researching veterans groups and services available we found there was a great need for the services provided by V.E.T.S. Canada. This is truly a case of heroes helping heroes.   Lonesome Sky is a proud supporter of V.E.T.S. Canada and as a supporter, all publishing rights for the song "Just Thinking About You" have been assigned to V.E.T.S. Canada directly with SOCAN Canada. This means V.E.T.S. Canada receives 100% of the publishing rights for any airplay the song receives.

This video is for viewing only and is not available for sale or commercial release. 

Please support Veterans Emergency Transition Services (V.E.T.S. Canada)

for information on what they do check out the V.E.T.S. Canada Website.


I'll Get Back to You

Lonesome Sky - Rockabilly Blues - Backporch Blues album


     Hit the road with this great driving song. Ballsy rockabilly blues with some nasty sax. I challenge you to sit this one out. Lyrics included! 

     Lets take a vote, you decide: would you use this in a Quentin Tarantino movie... or... have it performed by The Muppet Show Band with Rolph the Dog singing lead.